Your Inner Healing, are you ready?





If you are ready and willing to know what your heart already knows, ask your heart to cleanse itself of all of anger, resentment and fear. Ask that your heart be healed of all shame, guilt, dishonesty and pain. With a clean and open heart, you can do anything you choose.

~Iyanla Vanzant

Do these words resonate with you? Do you still struggle with your mind and heart through and through? If you do, today make up in your mind and heart to let it go – what ever it may be. I’m sure you’ve heard – all the answers that you seek are within you. Yes, we often hear things that can transform us – and get us through that tough spot we are in  – but something deep within denies us of our inner healing, the healing we say we desperately want or do we really? We must be willing to let go of the anger, resentment and fear – do you dare to stop and ask your heart to heal itself? Do you dare to allow you to rise up within YOU and take a hold of healing?  Your Healing? Go ahead ask your  heart to be healed of all shame, guilt, dishonesty and pain.

I challenge you to do it for YOU! To break free and let the old bondage no longer hold you… so you can walk and talk like you’ve always been on top, oh yeah step out to You…That you that only you see in the private times of your life. Won’t you be Free? Won’t you let others see the Gift of God in You? I promise you – once you do, the entire world will look anew to you and you get a chance to see what all God has in you –  for all the world to see. Self-improvement a its best.

I speak from experience. I once was that one who was afraid to let the world see just who God had created in me. I hid and dodged all philosophy of forgiveness and healthy living. I had no idea my inner healing and outer joy would transform me to just creative inner healing.  Yes, it took courage, strength and a breakthrough. But, let me tell you – once I unleashed Lisa Renee, the world became my radical forgiveness stage to grow and love and be free to talk to you – about  letting go of your pain. Yes, you…that one who was never intended to lack personal growth and constant breakthroughs.

I’m so proud of you… for loving you enough to come to “”

Let’s build relationship and cry together, laugh together since neither of us was meant to go it alone.

I hope that you return again and again as we grow together to show the world we are ready for joy, laughter and excitement on this new journey!

Invite your girlfriends to come and bask in the presence of Freedom and Transformation.

Believing In You,


It is my desire to help families overcome pressures, manage emotions, and be a loving support to yourself first, then to others. This is how you will maintain PEACE in your life. #IAMLISARENEE

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