Will You Give In?

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If you throw in the towel now, how many people will not reach their full potential because you didn’t host that seminar they are suppose to go attend?

If you don’t be who you are, how any others will miss their mark because they don’t have you as  an example?

Will You Give In?

If you don’t go to that meeting, who will not meet the person you were suppose to introduce them to?

If  you don’t slow down and enjoy the moment, you could miss that person who is your greatest contributor for that project you want funded?

Will You Give In?

If you hold onto what you don’t want, you could miss out on the opportunity to get what you want. Clear out the space…

If you keep passing up that book on the shelf that keeps calling your name, you could miss out on a journey of transformation you’ve been wanting.

Will You Give In?

I know you’ve heard this before, but it really bears repeating. THERE IS NO ON LIKE YOU.  No one can touch the people you can touch. No one can give compassion the way you can. No one can explain it quite like you do.  No one can give that bright warm smile like you do. No one can bring comfort with their presence like you do. NO ONE.

So, if you happen to be having a not so good day, I just gave you enough reasons to stand up, shake it off and be an example. Others area waiting on YOU?

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Go ahead, You Can Do This…

Wishing you to be YOU,

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It is my desire to help families overcome pressures, manage emotions, and be a loving support to yourself first, then to others. This is how you will maintain PEACE in your life. #IAMLISARENEE

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