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Hello Fellow Self -Forgivers!







If you are here,  I know there has been NO mistake made about you being here. For you see, I believe like does attract like. I too have struggled to forgive myself for numerous things that have taken place in my life, some I can fix – others I can’t fix and just chalked them up as lessons learned and a bit of self-discovery.  I challenge you to take on “Start Building You”.  I want you to know that some of your experiences just weren’t your fault, they really weren’t. So lighten up on yourself. All that self-bashing that goes on in your head and heart about the “what ifs” will keep you in a self-sabotaging state.

You may be saying things to yourself like, I’m not as smart as _____or I wish I could be like_____. Let me stop you right there!  God intended for you to be You, not like someone else. It is these unhealthy statements that keep you from receiving your breakthrough, self – health, and creative inner healing – all of which will allow you to begin to step into who you were created to be. That person that I like to say, made an agreement with God from your beginning of time, even before you were conceived in your mother’s womb. This is how serious it is that you awake to self-love, wholeness, and radical forgiveness which begins with you for you.

It’s Time For Breakthrough!

I invite you to arise  to letting go of your past and Start Inner Healing, to gain a healthy lifestyle that begins the moment you decide to be all that you are in your secret places. The world deserves to know that YOU – I’m sure you don’t want to be responsible for those you are assigned to –  not getting to their next level because you remained silent, do you? I didn’t think so!

Start Building You, today by heading over to the link below…

Once you begin, come back here and let me know how you are being impacted by the “7 Days to Inner Healing and Outer Joy”

One more thing, before you go – I want to share a comment left by one of my loyal readers with you so you know, You Are Not Alone.

Thank you for sharing this. Forgiveness is a very powerful thing and I think the hardest thing for us to do is to forgive ourselves. It keeps us imprisoned and until we break free, we cannot fully enjoy the gifts that God has set forth for us. ~Tonja


Wishing you be YOU,



It is my desire to help families overcome pressures, manage emotions, and be a loving support to yourself first, then to others. This is how you will maintain PEACE in your life. #IAMLISARENEE

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