Peace Protection Protocol

I AM LISA RENEE-Certified Life Coach

Peace Protocol Offers the following services:

  • Personal Development Coaching

Skillful Living through Peace “Protection Protocol” fosters wellness when you suffer loss of a loved one:

It Is an online course that introduces Self Improvement tools that teach how to keep the family together after a devastating loss. (3-month course)

Topics of discussion:

How have you grown through this process?

How has your family changed during this process?

What will you do different to manage your emotions?

Cost – $347

Mental Wellness Through Forgiveness: Is a 6-week online course, that will meet once a week via zoom webinar

How to become mentally aware of the top 3 people in your life so you can fast-forward to your destiny

Topics of interest

1st person who abandoned you

2nd person who lied and betrayed you

3rd person who didn’t value you

The Bonus Is: What if this person is you?

Cost – $197

  • Mental Awareness
  • Personal Growth
  • Mental and Emotional Wellness
  • Online Courses
  • Webinars:

Peace “Protection Protocol” presents The Peace Regimen Course: Is a 2- hour webinar, via zoom 

We’ll learn how to create a peaceful regimen that you can apply to all areas of your life.

Morning Regimen consist of Affirmation tools and Prayer Training (Learning the importance of affirmation tools)
Afternoon Regimen: We’ll concentrate on Affirmation tools and Breathing Awareness to enhance a healthy lifestyle.
Evening Regimen will consist of Affirmation tools and Meditation Training using essential oils that will usher you into that peaceful place before retiring for the night.

 Cost – $97

Interpersonal Communication Skills Webinar 2-hour session via LIVE zoom

Peace “Protection Protocol” brings you Interpersonal Communication Skill exercises by prompts to enhance your Interpersonal Communication that will assist you in reframing the outcome of your incarcerated loved one.

The setting is a live webinar. Communicating to soft music in the background, that will usher all into a clear, peaceful place. Timed responses will foster innovative creativity.

A time of sharing and discussing creative story ends.

Cost – $47

Mindset Shift Webinar

Let Peace “Protection Protocol” be the glue that binds you to the personal growth you’ve only dreamed about accomplishing through Mindset Shift. “Protection Protocol” will guide you through transformation of your thoughts, your perspective and your hearing. You’ll feel the new possibilities of a diverse and satisfying life while engaging alongside your peers on this exciting webinar.

Cost – $27

  • Prayer Training

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