“Remember, the fastest way to transform the world is the empowerment of women”

~Deepak Chopra

Let’s take it one step further and include men too! They need to be inspired and encouraged too! 🙂


With that bold statement to follow – What if, yes what if… each person owned the opportunity to serve and empower another? From time to time we all struggle to keep our head above water. I challenge you to encourage someone today.  Keep in mind that a simple smile, a warm hug, an uplifting song shared, a genuine compliment will turn you into a Supernatural Encourager for someone, just like that…Let’s make it a little less comfortable and say that a friend or a family member would not qualify for you to empower, that would be too easy for some of us.

I encourage you to pick a stranger or someone you may know of – but don’t know much about.  Approach him/her, introduce yourself with the intention of becoming their Supernatural Encourager and go from there.


Start pouring into him/her some of the wisdom and knowledge you have been blessed with.  You know that wisdom and knowledge that gets you over the hump when discouragement tries to stomp out your light.  Most of us… have a lot of wisdom all nicely tucked away waiting for that special occasion to take place, so we can play “show and tell.” Scratch that…Give it to someone else, and you just may discover that (in the process) more wisdom comes your way. Isn’t it exciting just thinking about how powerful it is to make a difference in someone’s life by something so simple. I’m Excited!

If you are willing to take this on and own the opportunity to serve and empower another,

Go to the comments section below and…


Write, “I Will Empower Another Human Being, Today”


Some ideas of empowering another woman would be:

Share Quotes, Affirmations

Genuinely, tell them good things you notice about them

Share your story

An even better one than that – allow him/her to share their story

Ask him/her to make a list of all the qualities he/she likes about themselves and then carve out some time to discuss (I’m curious to know what comes of this)

What a great gesture to present to another…


Head on over to facebook and twitter and let me know what you will do to inspire or encourage others today.



I can’t wait to hear all the wonderful stories of Encouragement.

Much Love to YOU!


It is my desire to help families overcome pressures, manage emotions, and be a loving support to yourself first, then to others. This is how you will maintain PEACE in your life. #IAMLISARENEE

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