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The faces are blurred for a reason. None of us like to admit the bondage we are in on our jobs.

How many of you have been faced with a layoff? Maybe you know that you will or possibly already have had to train your replacements.  What a yucky feeling that can stir for you, right?  You are probably saying to yourself, how can they do this to me?  The reality of it is, welcome to the doggy dog corporate world – In the land where you might not even be personally known by those who without any perceived connection to you, affect you. dang, dang, dang.


How does that make you feel?  Does it bring about any feelings of betrayal?


How about resentment to those who were active in the decision making process which lead to your lay-off?  Whether you care to admit it or not they are real feelings.


If you had the opportunity what would you say to them?


What in particular would you want them to know about how this has affected you?


What would you want them to know about you personally?


Let’s take it a step further, your direct boss for instance… what would you want to say that you have not had the opportunity to say for fear of losing your job?


If for 10 minutes, you could be authentic in your actions as well as your words, what would that feel like?


What particular task would you want them to do that you always did?


Would you make it more difficult for them or would you consider assisting them in the task?


Would you treat them as they treated you or would you show them compassion?


Would you make suggestions and give the short cuts that you have developed over the years or would you gain bliss in watching them struggle?


The authentic person would offer those short cuts, but we are talking about you… what would you do?


Head on down to the comments section and drop me a line or two. I’m thrilled to see what you will say.


~Lisa Renee


It is my desire to help families overcome pressures, manage emotions, and be a loving support to yourself first, then to others. This is how you will maintain PEACE in your life. #IAMLISARENEE

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