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The Act of Forgiveness


Well, well here we are in the month of August already. For some, this month represents going back to school whether to grade school, middle school, high school or college.

Some well known Days of Celebration for August are:

Admit You’re Happy Month, Family Fun Month and National Clown Month just to name a few.

I’d like to change it up a bit and declare it “Forgiveness Month”. Would that be okay with you? I say forgiveness month because it fits right into the newness of what’s all going on in this month anyway. In August, I tend to feel a sense of newness all around.

Allow me to share a bit about me… In my quest to one day own a business and be successful at it meant – I had some huge forgiveness to get under my belt, super fast or I would continue to advance in life at what seemed like 5 MPH – talk about snail speed.  If you want your life to advance at (-5), holding onto unforgiveness will get you there quicker than anything else I know of – or have experienced. If that’s what you want…

But for most of us who are somewhat emotionally stable we want rapid growth and development in our lives at mock speed. Am I speaking of you?

Good, then can we move right along…

You may say, forgiveness is not something that comes easy for you. I say it can become an easy habit, yes – I said an easy habit, if you know the true benefits involved not just for the person you are choosing to forgive but for You as well.

I’ve had a lot of practice in forgiveness and I can honestly say for me, I’m grateful for the experiences that have truly taught me to forgive.

A few benefits to Forgiveness are:

Peace of mind, clarity of heart, cured insomnia, focus, clear vision, new hope, a new love towards your offenders and a heart of compassion like never before.

Think on these benefits for the rest of this week and be ready to dive into Forgiveness a little more on Monday.

Happy Forgiveness Month to You!

Walk In Love,

Lisa Renee






It is my desire to help families overcome pressures, manage emotions, and be a loving support to yourself first, then to others. This is how you will maintain PEACE in your life. #IAMLISARENEE

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  1. Sagrariioo

    I\’ll tell you what I have really been deialng with a garden of bitterness in my life and I didn\’t even know it was there. Just a few weeks ago, in a spirit of prayer, I asked God to reveal things that were blocking my life and one was a big patch of bitterness. Whew! As soon as I acknowledged it, I felt that instant burning sensation that comes with remembering the wrongs done to me and I asked God to forgive me for harboring resentment and even hatred and asked Him to remove those weeds from my life. It was a process one I\’m still undergoing but God is good. Forgiving someone who wronged me long ago with whom I have no contact any longer came with a humongous sense of RELIEF! A burden rolled away and I have actually felt a deeper connection with the Lord. More than anything, I realized just how much my selfishness and pride (which demanded retribution) kept me from an intimate walk with my Lord.I have to regularly ask HIM to reveal these areas in me. I walked for a long time without even knowing they were there whether I tried to just ignore them first, I can\’t even remember but I ask God to SHOW ME where I need to take a rake and cut back the weeds that keep me from HIM and HIS PLANS for me.

    1. lisarenee

      Hi Sagrariioo,
      I am excited to hear that you have released the garden of bitterness from your life. I’m all to familiar with the emotions that go along with UN-forgiveness. Isn’t it wonderful when God takes us back to the memory of being hurt but the sting has been removed? Forgiveness is a process indeed but you have begun the process, Yayyy! 🙂 You are now reaping the benefits of letting go of your past. Forgiveness is an open path back to a deeper connection with the Lord and it is the door to being able to assist others down this same path of freedom from the past to their future as well. “Demanded Retribution” is the false sense of gratification from obtaining an apology from our offender in order to move on with our life. But, the responsibility remains with us to acknowledge past hurts, release our offenders and be in action about allowing God’s plan for our intended life. I’m so very glad you have joined my quest to gain Freedom 2B You through Forgiveness.
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