Fearless Creativity!

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Just Be You!

How creative are you when it comes to being You? Are you better at putting  on the mask? You do know that’s being creative as well – just in a way not suitable for someone who wants to let go and be all they can be. When are you going to start?


Oh, I hear you…, after I lose a few pounds, get a new wardrobe, start feeling better about myself, move to a different side of town, get rid of some friends, gain some new friends. The list goes on and on. The chatter in your head goes on and on. That perfect day, filled with perfect sunshine that hits your windows at the precise time of the day does not exist.  Am I hitting a nerve yet. Just in case I am, I’m glad. Your creativity is still within you, try it, test it out. go ahead, its okay…creativity

We have millions of people in the world today, who have given up on their creativity, don’t make it one million and one. Choose that healed person you are designed to be…Guess what? There is someone you know right now just waiting for you to take off the mask and mentor them, minister to them, encourage them, hold their hand through the process of what you are good at, the areas you get results in…Don’t keep him or her waiting.

They need you like the sun needs the moon, the body needs breathe and you get the picture, right. They need you to be Fearless, Radical and Walking in Freedom. Give them what they long for through your creativity.


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