Embrace. Acknowledge. Forgive. Celebrate.

by lisarenee on August 5, 2013

Embrace. Acknowledge. Forgive. Celebrate.

How this post came about:

I sent my ex a simple Thank You on Facebook for a Mother’s Day fruit bouquet he had sent me, only to receive no reply. A few months later he came to visit my children and I had the opportunity to ask, “why he had not replied to my message?” His response was, “I did not want to lead you on” – I was angry at first but then I thought, “where did that come from?” I resolved within myself, I will not be moved by his arrogance and continue to walk and talk in forgiveness.

Embrace the feelings you may be feeling for the one you loved, once upon a time.

Acknowledge the relationship was toxic.

keep moving

Celebrate you knowing there was no future in the union.

Appreciate that they moved on without you.

Be diligent in accepting you deserve better.

Know that you are precious and it’s an honor to be in your life.

Yes, it still hurts when you think about them, but not as bad as it would, had you stayed. Honor that.

It’s certainly clear to all who will hear – you only miss who you wanted them to be.

You are a treasure chest of delightful love to give and receive.

So now, look up to the stars as you raise the bars

on your expectation of the next love you’ll experience

in pure blissful love.

Make a decision to concentrate on making you a better you,

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