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Happy Mother’s Day 2012 to All the Beautiful Mothers On the WWW…







A lot of us women are drowning in lost identity.  We are so busy taking care of everyone else that when we do have a moment to ourselves we tend to spend it still taking care of (OPP) Other People’s Problems.  I’ve come up with 4 easy steps so we can get back to who we are and what makes us happy. It is my gift to you on Mother’s Day! Make it a wonderful day as you allow others to show their appreciation of YOU.
  1. Be on target to discover who you are:
    1. What are you good at?
    2. What do you enjoy doing?
    3. What makes your heart sing?


  1.  Create a new self image through affirmations:  (I’ve included a few below)
    1. I am brilliant
    2. Everything I need is within me
    3. I inspire others in growth and development
    4. I approve of myself
    5. I am well loved and accepted
    6. I live a relaxed and fulfilling life


  1. Create your own sense of empowerment:
    1. Have impeccable integrity to yourself first, then others
    2. Show others your value by setting personal boundaries
    3. Celebrate your successes
    4. Learn to rest on purpose- yes, I said on purpose, Ha!


  1. Design your life as you want it (Write a clear, detailed vision for your life)
    1. What would you add or subtract concerning your life?
    2. How would your day begin?
    3. Who would you spend your time with?
    4. Pretend you are being interviewed by Oprah, how would she introduce you? (I thought that would put a smile on your face, keep smiling as you think about and implement the 4 ways I’ve suggested to allow You to shine like never before)


 Written with much love,
Lisa Renee


It is my desire to help families overcome pressures, manage emotions, and be a loving support to yourself first, then to others. This is how you will maintain PEACE in your life. #IAMLISARENEE

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